What is Glauconite?

Glauconite is organic green mineral which was formed within milion years to the form of the seaweed fossils. Green glauconite is called as the “green gold”, because it is the most valuable glauconite from all kinds. It acts favourably on the body as the wrap or on the face as the mask. Glauconite offers to your body many benefits, what you can find only in the nature.


No tested on

no parabens

100% organic

No expiry date

Benefits of Glauconite

Green Glauconite is used to · skin defect ( acne, psoriasis, eczema, rash ), cellulitis,
wrinkles, stretch marks … and many more

Thanks to its features and composition, it has positive effect for maitaining hydrobalance,
skin softening, cleaning , moisturing ,regeneration of irritated and dried skin,
improving of capillary blood circulation, smooth skin Research proved, that glauconite has the power of absorbing heavy metals from body, after using.

From one pack of glauconite you are able to make ( one tea spoon – one dose ) over 40 masks on face Glauconite is 100% mineral in form of powder and its composition doesn´t include chemicals or preservatives. (NO EXPIRATION DATE)

Instructions for preparation

The clay dissolves in pure water until it has consistency of light batter or thick cream, and until it reaches plasticity. ln principle, it is used when it is heated up (35-40oc), although, in some diseases, it is recommended to use cold clay only, for instance, in inflammation processes, heart diseases, thrombosis, etc.

The green clay is used in a wide variety of diseases whilst no special treatment or equipment is needed, and therefore, it sounds like an excellent aid both in the spa and home treatments.

The preparation of clay mass is recommended to be done in a ceramic, wooden or plastic
container by using a wooden or plastic spoon.

For heating the clay up to the temperature required the water banks or microwave can be used.

Warning: The used clay cannot be applied again!

How to Use

For achieving the final effect you need get 10-15 procedures for at least 15-20minutes.

Procedures can be repeated daily or every second day from dependence to reaction on mask.
There can occure some unwanted reactions after first usage of mask,no need to worry it doesn´t have to be reaction on mask, it can be caused by another individual disease.

After first cure (10-15procedures)little break for 1-2months is recommended ,then you can continue.